1. What happens if Lancaster Baptist School has a suspected/positive case of COVID-19?

The school has in place enhanced stay home/send home standards in order to prevent illness coming to school. The school has in a place an outbreak management plan and will follow the protocols in place in conjunction with the L.A. County Public Health Department and guidance from the CDC if there is a suspected and/or positive case on our campus.

If there is a positive case, individuals identified as having had potential exposure to COVID-19 cases will be directly notified by public health officials in coordination with the L.A. County Public Health Department.

2. What steps should parents take to protect children during a community outbreak of COVID-19?

  • Teach and enforce healthy hygiene habits with your children. Be sure they know how to wash their hands properly and cover their coughs and sneezes.

  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor your children for them. If your child develops symptoms, speak to a your medical provider for advice.

  • Know your school's stay home/send home standards for illness. If your child has any of the symptoms, keep them home from school.

  • If your child/children become sick with COVID-19, notify their childcare facility or school.

3. What health precautions are being taken at LBS this school year?

LBS will follow the guidelines required for operating school as per the LA County Health Department. This will include daily health screenings prior to entry to school, enhanced send home/stay home standards, and indoor face coverings as applicable.